Anti-Mite Travel Sleeping Bag

ALLERGIKA® Travel for on the go:

Made of bi-components microfilament fabrics of polyester and polyamide, the travel sleeping bag provides hygienic protection in unfamiliar beds, on holidays, on business, in school trips and camps with friends.

Any time someone with a dust mite allergy spends the night outside their own four walls, the question arises: How can I sleep in a different bed and still safely protect myself against dust mites, mold, pollen and other microorganisms?
The answer is simple: with the ALLERGIKA travel sleeping bag! This cozy sleeping bag is made of an extremely tight-woven microfilament fleece which keeps you away from all sorts of allergy triggers.
It was specially developed for people with dust mite allergies who are away from home.
You can sleep as if you were in your own bed.

With the ALLERGIKA travel sleeping bag, you can spend the night in a hygienically safe environment. The roomy and comfortable design style lets you move freely in your sleep without anything slipping away: the sleeping bag and pillow case are sewn together as one piece. A broad panel prevents any contact to the bedding, which means you can safely lay the bag on top of the hotel's comforter and pillows.


  • Mite-proof material – for safe and hygienic protection against their allergens
  • Fabric is snuggly soft yet robust – enjoy your usual comfortable sleep even when you’re somewhere else
  • Super light at only 500 grams – fits in your suitcase perfectly
  • Has a practical travel pouch for convenient carrying – fits in any bag, suitcase or backpack
  • Side zipper makes the sleeping bag easy to use and comfortable
  • Thoughtful design gives even restless sleepers freedom to move
  • Can be washed at 95° C and is drier-friendly, hygienic and easy to take care of


ALLERGIKA Travel is intended for short-term use and does not in any way serve as a substitute for encasings to prevent dust-mite allergies and asthma. We recommend taking an allergy test and medical treatment with ALLERGIKA Encasings. Please consult with your doctor.

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